NBN cuts entry-level broadband prices, nixes differential pricing for video

NBN Co has detailed a price cut for entry-level broadband services that could make it more economical for retail service providers (RSPs) to offer ADSL-equivalent plans.

The company said it planned to shave at least $16.80 off the additional monthly charge levied on entry-level services once an extremely low usage threshold is passed.

NBN Co in June launched an industry consultation on its wholesale broadband pricing, with the company indicating it wanted to encourage the take-up of higher speed services as well as make NBN services more attractive to low-income households.

The company today revealed it had launched a second round of consultation, with NBN Co indicating it would move to quickly cut the wholesale pricing of low-end broadband services.

The company has a complex pricing structure for its entry-level 12Mbps services. A basic service with 150Kbps of included capacity has an effective wholesale price of $22.50. That can be used to serve households that are only interested in voice services or that have very low data needs.

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